How to increase flash debug player time out ?

Hello everyone,

I need to test and debug my actionscript app on very low bandwidth network. I simulated slow network connection on my local machine.
my app be loaded very slowly by browser.

But since the app be loaded too slow, Intellij always show me a error "Flex Debugger Startup Error. Fail to connect; session timed out..", before my app loaded and conect to intellij.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Running environment:
Intellij 10.5
Ubuntu 10.04
flash debugger player 11

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2 minute timeout is hardcoded inside fdb tool and is not configurable.
You can use a workaround: create Flex run configuration of type 'Connect to already running Flash Player'  with 'Make before launch' unchecked (let's call it remote debug). Now you can launch your application in Run mode and the in some time launch remote debug configuration. If your real app starts later than remote debug then it will connect to debugger automatically. If your app is already started and then you launch remote debug use context menu of Flash Player to connect to debugger.

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Thank you !
You save me a lot of time.

It works like a charm.

Have a nice day.


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