javascript debugging with console.log and DOM traversal

I've been using IJ for a while, it works great for Python, and Java.. but, for javascript, I have some real frustrations.

First, I can find NO way to traverse the DOM. I am trying to manipulate the DOM in the javascript, and I would like to be able to review the DOM notes that are added dynamically by the javascript code and llibraries and such. I can't find a way to do this. If I try and load the browser debuggers, I loose my connection to the browser with IJ.. IJ has no way to traverse the DOM. How can I debug in IJ but also be able to view the DOM?

Next up is the console.log. I have the same problem - I can't debug in IJ and get anything to show up in the IJ "Console". I'm not sure what they do with their "Console", bit it isn't the web console I'm expecting. IN the browsers I can use the console to see any log messages I have generated, and I an also interactivly modity code, or execute code.. I'd sure like this feature in IJ, something more like the FireBug debugger in Firefox. If seems as if IJ has some serious limitations for Javascript debugging.

My Question: Are there solutions to the above issues that I am not aware of?

If not, is there some hope that a soon to be released version will address some of these issuse?

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Feature requests for the both issues are already filed in our tracker:
Feel free to vote/watch these issues.

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