Spring not wiring but no indication of problem

So what I am looking for is a troubleshooting methodology or some good ideas on where to look for issues. IntelliJ says that the mappings are good so why doesn't Spring wire anything?  If there's an issue, why doesn't IntelliJ indicate so?

The problem I have is as follows:

I have a simple unit test that checks to see if spring is wiring the entity manager into my DAO. It also checks to see if spring is wiring the target test object. Why test a DAO with a live entity manager in it instead of a mock, you might ask? Simple, I do it this way before creating the mock in order to have the tests written first. Then I go back and remove the live entity manager and replace it with a mock. This way I know exactly how it is supposed to behave. Helps when working with a DB, who's behaviour you are not quite sure of. But I digress... Point is that Spring isn't wiring anything and the question is, how do I troubleshoot this? No errors are produced other than the fact that the entity manager is null. For the record, the object under test is also not being wired and it doesn't work from the command line either. Same thing.  

Someone here said that the Spring container isn't firing up. This seems reasonable, doesn't it?  How can I find out?

Jim C.

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All of the right jars seem to be in place.

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OK, turns out this team has a rather non-standard logging arrangement which explains where the logs were going. See errors now.


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