newbie- configuring repository

Hi all, im a newbie ide user but long time notepad and compiler programmer using various languages. I have just fallen in love with groovy and with all of the various packages, and utilities that come to town when using an ide i just couldnt resist it any more. So, now i have my first ever ide yippeee,  Now i have 2 questions. The first one is this, i am starting to develop an application using griffon, now i know that i may have to use some plugins so the question is this, i have a work machine whih i never use to connect to the internet due to security considerations, so if i never use that machine to edit some work, will i get problems as my plugin updater seems to want to connect to the internet to get various repository information. ??When i booted my intellij a couple of minutes ago i got a error message pretty much saying that it couldnt load various repoistory info.So if this is the cae how do i setup an internal repository so i dont have to rely on intenet access. If you are going to explain this to me please be expliocit as there are still a lot of things i do not understand yet, especially if it concerns xml as i have never used xml before, no bearing xml in mind my second question;  is it more efficient to use an uotput to an extrenel xml document for transferring infornmation from a output from a running algorithm than using traditional file append methos?

Thank you for my frist post on ides, exciting eh

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