Option 'File Colors'

Some history:

Today i was see option 'File Colors'(i use IDEA more than 3 years), and was set to scope 'Problems' color 'Rose'.

The first thing I was confused - it no example(tab colors is not equals selected in active/deactive state).

The second is 'shared' what is it? :^O

And i start study IDEA code to change it.

My first test is:

Maybe some stupied. But it works;\

Second variant was after when i learn FileColors API (if that classes can name - API:|)
     Two settings that can removed without problems. What stupied name FileColors(wtf), i think is old name :), and was not changed. Shared 'colors' what is it? Many code in comments. It was deleted or not done(low priority option)

I trying to move it to Settings->Editor->Font & Colors->Background colors(files, tabs). But if change this - it became project independent. I think that in IDEA settings it became 'templates' of tab colors, and add settings to project. Example:

Project Scope        -        Template
-- default settings
Default                    -         Default
Tests files               -         Tests files
Non Project Files     -         Non Project Files   
-- user can define their scope, but use standart colors
Deprecated Files     -          Non Project Files   
-- or add their scope and color
Problems                -         Problems


Some screenshots of this of work

I wait for some comments(what do u think about it)

I write it some hours - speed of write is not big, because i dont known API of IDEA(this is my first serious attempt to learn IDEA API, and write something), and 5.15 AM :D

thx for listened. VISTALL

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"Shared" colors means these settings will be written in a separate file and could be put under a VCS.

See http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/IDEA-25978 for template project settings.


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