How to enable "remove unused imports"


I don't see it under Settings | Code | Imports..

I'm using 10.5.1


Preferences->Editor->Auto Import->Optimize Imports on the Fly will automatically remove unuxed imports.


For anyone looking for this ten years later, the option has moved slightly to:

Preferences->Editor->General->Auto Import->Optimize Imports on the Fly


On Fri, 23 Sep 2011 19:42:34 MSD, Stephen Boesch
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>I don't see it under Settings | Code | Imports.

I prefer to it manually, as part of reformat code.

If it tidies code which in a chaotic state, e.g. you have just pasted
in a mess of code from elsewhere, you often find that it tosses out
all kinds of GOOD imports.  You then have to tediously recreate them.

I don't tidy until I have a clean compile.
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e.g. open the task editor, find and kill some processes.


thx that's what I was looking for


Thanks Thomas Kelley, I've enabled the optimize imports but turns out I also have to enable it on General


Is there any way to just remove the unused imports instead of completely moving them around? It is a nightmare when people use different IDEs that "optimize" their imports in the way they feel like it is a good idea. I've seen commits that are literally just imports being moved around by the IDE or the guy who uses Eclipse removing the `.*` and the guy who uses IntelliJ bringing them back and then conflicts happen on these imports


Guilherme Taffarel Bergamin

You can remove all of the rules specified in Settings/Preferences | Editor | Code Style | <language> | Imports. Then hitting Ctrl+Alt+O (on Windows) will just remove unused imports, no moving them around.

E.g. for Java, see


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