gwt developer console running outofmemory right away!


been using the gwt plugin in eclipse for about a year, has worked pretty fine.

However, i recently upgraded to OSX lion, and i also upgraded intellij to latest version.

Now, i have a standard gwt project. I have historically been able to start it with the devconsole, change stuff and reload page in firefox.

But now, i can only start it, but as soon as i reload page, devconsole crashed. Yesterday it just hung, this morning i upgraded to GWT2.4 and now i just get permgen space outofmemory on first reload. I have the memory settings set to 1024m!

If someone could give me pointers it would me much appreciated...

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are you sure that you used proper JVM parameter to increase memory size? Size of permgen is specified by -XX:MaxPermSize paramater, not by -Xmx.

Nikolay Chashnikov
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Hey Nikolay, thanks for quick response.

Yeah, you are right, saw it after i posted... Thanks.

However, what i've done now is i tried changing the user.agent to safari and run with Chrome instead. I'm at about 30 reloads now and not a single console crash!It also gwt-recompiles quite a bit faster than what it did in firefox.

I have no idea why it works so crappy with FF...


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