Wait cursor when unresponsive?

May I request that when IDEA is not responding to keyboard or mouse (e.g. when synchronising files), that a wait cursor is displayed?



It think this is related to a bigger problem, i.e. that IDEA is not giving enough (or fast enough) feedback to the user. When I start IDEA and choose "Reopen existing project", there is a five second pause when nothing happens. Only then will IDEA show the progress bar. When I close the project, again it takes about three seconds before I get a good visual feedback that something is happening.

According to usability experts (e.g. Jakob Nielsen) , one second is the absolute maximum it should take for an application to provide a response to a user action.


I also notice that the editor warning checks continue in the background after the right-hand gutter indicator has indicated they are complete (or maybe I misunderstand how this works), anyway, quite often a warning continues to be flagged for some time after the intention to fix it has been actioned and the gutter indicator suggests the checks are complete. During this 'refractory' period, the editor appears to be fully functional, but other intentions may have no effect when actioned, or they don't pop-up the full set of options on Alt-Enter.


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