Use IntelliJ IDEA to work with Android source code (not application)


     I want to use IntelliJ IDEA when working with the whole Android source code, but I encountered some problems.
     I created a New Project for every git repository folder that I wanted to work (for example, for 'frameworks/base' I started a New Project with existing source code and used this path to initiate the project). IntelliJ created 'gen' folders and '' for every subfolder in this path, which I didn't want.
     If anyone knows how to disable the automatic creation of the 'gen' folder and '', please tell me. :|
     Also, I would like to have a general project that has inside modules for all of these folders (for example, I want to have a module 'Mms' that uses 'packages/apps/Mms' as source path and a module 'Calendar' (with 'packages/apps/Calendar') in the same project, because there are times when I want to search for a function in all of the apps). I tried to add the whole Android source code folder to a project but IntelliJ IDEA freezed (and I don't think this is the way to do it). Basicaly if anyone knows how to search for a function in different projects/modules please tell me.
     Third,(not so important, but good to have) would be to have only one '.idea' folder in this project, and maybe all of the '.iml' files in one place. This is not a big problem since I can set .gitignore to ignore these folders and files.

     If anyone has worked succesfuly with IntelliJ IDEA and the Android source code, I would realy appreciate any tip/help he/she can give me. I'm curenty using Eclipse, but I would like to switch to IntelliJ IDEA since I'll have a lot of features that I need in this IDE.

Best regards,
Adrian P.

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