[Flex] Debugging - Break on next line execution?


When debugging a Felx project, is it possible to break/ debug on the next line that is executed? Say for example... I'm about to press a button onscreen and I want the debugger to stop executing at that point and jump to the code or mxml that is about to run.


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Thousands of lines can be executed even when nothing visible happens on the screen. So there's no 'next line' where program could be stopped. To stop you need to set breakpoint. You can use such features like contitional breakpoints or dependent breakpoins that allow to stop not each time when breakpoint reached, but only in some conditions. You you can configure to print some evaluated expression to console when breakpoint is hit without stopping at breakpoint at all.
When the program is already suspended you can use convenient stepping actions like Step Into, Smart Step Into (if several chained calls on this line), Step out, Run to cursor etc.

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Ok cool... I guess I've been spoilt with this in the past when using 4D dev tools, I've not seen it in Eclipse before but it's super-handy.

Cheers, Nick


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