how to see a list of compiler errors for multi-module maven project

i am working with a multi-module maven project in intellij 10.5.  it is set up as a single intellij project with a module for each maven module.

i would like intellij to alert me of compilation errors across all of the modules if i introduce an error in near real time - e.g. remove method foo() from class MyClass and see a series of compiler errors in the "messages" window for each call to  Currently the only way i see these messages is if I kick off a compile or make for each module.

having moved from eclipse, I really miss the immediate feedback the eclipse "problems" view provided.

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Hi Carlos,

You are right, the only way to get compile errors is to start compiling project.

Best regards,
  Eugene Zhuravlev.

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There is a Problems view (although not as nice as the one from Eclipse) available from the Project explorer.  At the top of the panel, there is a drop down menu "View as:".  Select Problems from the drop down to see a tree structure that will point to the problems in the projects.  It would be better if it was in a list view like Eclpse, but it's better than nothing.

Hope this helps!


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