intelliJ deploying an empty exploded war artifact

Created a simple starter web app with nothing more than an index.jsp, WEB-INF, with web.xml
the web.xml only has a welcome list with the index.jsp as the only entry. The console
shows the artifact war has successfully been deployed but there is no file in the
Jboss server deploy folder. There is a folder of the artifacts name in the work>localhost
but it is empty. Also the out. artifact > project folder ony has the WEB-INF folder nothing else.

Here is a listing of the out folder



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It is expected, that JBoss server deploy folder is empty.
Artifacts are normally deployed from the <project root>/out/artifacts folder.
Depending on the JBoss server version, exploded artifact may or may not be required to have .war extension.
If the extension is required, IDEA shows corresponding warning in the server run configuration.

So, if the extension was not added, your artifact should be built in the\out\artifacts\simpleWebApp_war_exploded
If the extension had been added, in the \out\artifacts\simpleWebApp_war_exploded.war

To have resources from the module go into artifact in proper places, Web facet of the module and corresponding artifact should be configured correctly.

Default configuration, performed when Web facet is added to the module on the creation stage, includes:

1) 'web' folder under module root, contaning resources for the artifact
2) mapping from the 'web' folder under module root to the root of web facet resources
3) inclusion of the web facet resources into the artifact

It looks like you are missing either 2nd or 3rd step.


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Thanks for the reply I haven't used intelliJ long and had to get used to the UI. I have built a few more practice projects and have the artifact creation down. There is a switch to create or not create the .war don't remeber which page of the wizard its on. Did have a problem with the inclusion of libs that I have cleared up. I do find intelliJ to be a little more manual than Eclipse in some ways or its just that I'm used to it than intelliJ.

Well thanks for the reply I sure I'll have other posts.


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