context.xml is not used while deploying web app on Tomcat server.

I tried to run Tomcat 5.5.7 server from within IDEA. I wanted to use the context.xml, which was created with web module as running on Tomcat server, in the following manner:
1. Specify DataSource via Resource tag.
2. Specify realms via Realm tag.
I was surprised to see that specified authentication mechanism doesn't work. Instead it Tomcat's default one was runnig. I investigated a place where a web application was exploded (.IntelliJIdea50\system\tomcat_Web App with basic authentication_f7c2003e") and found that there is no my context.xml at all. There is an XML file related to my web app but it doesn't keep any info specified in the context.xml

Is seems to be a bug...

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