Error running webapp: Unable to open debugger port : "Address already in use: JVM_Bind"

i get this when trying to debug from 9.0

while it is still working from 8.1.4  (backup of converted project file)

* idea 9.0 (just installed)
* gwt 1.7

i used to have this problem sometimes with 8.1.4 but then it was always solved by either rebooting or by shooting all java/javaw processes found on my system. Now there aren't any more of those processes, and rebooting doesn't help me either :/

I tried googling this but in the results i get there is always some port number mentioned, but here it isn't so i can't look for a process using this port...

how to solve this?

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Hi there
I got a similar problem as yours and have been unable to find an answer. My is a java application, not a webapp. Just wondering if you managed to solve this?


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