Slow IDEA with huge project

Hi all!

I have a huge Java web app project with Ant, JSP and Hibernate. 100k files in total including:

~6 000 java classes
~2 500 JSP templates
~30 000 images
~30 000 resource files (translation)

Desktop computer:

  • 8-core CPU
  • 8 GB memory
  • 8 GB swap
  • 300 GB drive
  • Ubuntu Natty 11.04 amd64
  • Intellij IDEA Ultimate 10.5

IDEA vmoptions:


Here are my problems:

  • File indexing takes a very long time
  • The editor becomes unresponsive at times when (I'm guessing) heavy IDEA background processes are run

Are there any good optimizations I can make with my IDEA?


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Thank you for the link! My IDEA is much faster now. :)

It was this sentence that saved me:

If the heap is too high so that it doesn't fit into the free physical RAM, your OS will start swapping which will reduce the performance, also GC pauses may become longer.

I had configured 8 GB memory, 8 GB swap space and 1,5 GB max heap size for IDEA. In my case, I had plenty of memory left (~3 GB), but IDEA kept using the swap space heavily (~2 GB) anyway, and the whole OS slowed down.

My fix:

  • Decreased swap space to 512 MB (why use 8 GB swap space if my physical memory never runs out?)
  • Decreased max heap size to 1024 MB

My Linux system is now really fast! B-)


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