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At our company we are trying to ensure all our engineers have a fully configured IDE, most importantly having a certain set of plugins like Jalopy and TeamCity Integration.  Providing setup has worked to a limited degree and we are considering distributing a copy of IDEA that is preconfigured with plugins, and perhaps some other settings.  Has anyone done this or can think of a way that can be easily be done?

I've been toying with the application on Mac platform (we support Windows and Mac) to accomplish this and my results are below:

1) Install a fresh copy of IDEA and install our mandatory plugins, then copy those plugins from user settings into the applications plugins directory itself.  This way we only need to distribute the pre-installed applicaiton.
2) Install a fresh copy of IDEA and install our mandatory plugins, then distribute the application and write a little script to apply the plugins and other configuration files to the user config/plugin directory.

Can anyone think of other options I might be missing?


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haven't tried it, but it might be possible to create some sort of "plugin pack" based on one installation and install that through a script into another installation. Zipping up the plugins directory and unzip it into the installation of the fresh computer might even be enough to do the trick.
Your scripts that install new computers can even do that for you as a final step after installing IDEA itself and copying over any custom settings files you've created.


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