Ant build file autoscroll?

I started using RC1 tonight, and noticed something that seems to be different from 4.5. I have an Ant target set to execute "Before Compilation". In RC1, every time I compile, IDEA opens the containing build.xml and scrolls to the target that is executing. While I can see how this "autoscroll to target" behavior might be usefull if I were executing the build target manually, it seems just downright annoying when the target is executing automatically as a result of an "Execute On..." assignment. I am editing some files, kick off a compile, and suddenly my editor focus jumps over to a build.xml somewhere.

Is this behavior new with 5.0 or did I just miss something in 4.5? Is there any way that I can turn this behavior off?



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Sorry, my bad. I had somehow clicked the "Autoscroll to Source" button by accident in the "Messages - Ant Build" pane. Doh!!

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I noticed this wierd behavior too, but didn't follow up
until now. I compared to 5.0 behavior to 4.5, and it looks
like what happened is this new 'animate by build.xml file'
feature co-opted the 'Autoscroll to source' toggle button,
which is wrong.

The intent of 'Autoscroll to source' button is to auto-
scroll the editor when the user clicks a compile error line
or a ant target or task name in the Ant Build message
window. That is similar to how Autoscroll to source works
in the other tool windows.

But this new 5.0 feature I call 'animate my build.xml' is
ridiculous. I normally run my ant tasks in the background,
so I can continue working in the Editor. But in 5.0, if I
have 'Autoscroll to source' enabled, as soon as I execute
an ant target, my Editor jumps to my build.xml and starts
jumping around to each target and task as it executes.

I have had to turn off 'Autoscroll to source' to disable this
new annoying feature, even though I still want the original
'Autoscroll to source' behavior.

I have filed a JIRA issue.

ant build window -- 5.0 has annoying misfeature of hijacking my editor pane and animating my build.xml while ant executes.


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