possible bug: make module before run/debug not working for Tomcat configurations?

A coworker and I have tried to troubleshoot this over the last two days and either we are doing something wrong with Idea or this is actually a bug in Idea 5.0. Is anyone else seeing the problem where when on Run/Debug, even if the 'make module before' checkbox is checked, it doesn't invoke make OR call any of the pre/post compilation Ant tasks? What we've fallen back to is manually clicking the toolbar Make button before clicking Run or Debug...which sucks!

I first wanted to ask if anyone else is having this problem...if not, I can try to come up with a reproducible test case.



Hint: this may be related to files with a future timestamp. I remember IDEA had a hard time synchronize those. Check if the file(s) you're having problem with have a timestamp in the future.


Haven't had that exact problem, but I have seen that when you run Tomcat (and auto-make kicks off) the wrong web.xml gets copied over. See http://www.jetbrains.net/jira/browse/IDEA-4258

Overall, I'm not too happy about the quality of the J2EE/web module support in this release. There are some serious bugs that don't have any good workarounds at the moment.


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