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I have a project with a lot of externa jar dependencies (mosty Spring stuff).
I have all these jars specified under "Global Libraries" (platform settings) as Classes. I've named this global library "spring core labs".

Under my module I've added this library under Dependencies and checked the box for export.

I've configured a runner in IDEA to start tomcat and to deploy the war-file for this module under the Application context: /mvc-1-start

However, when I run this runner only the class-files of my application is copied there, none of the libraries are added, resulting in a ClassNotFoundException.

Do I need to add all those jar-files to tomcat aswell as to the project? I think that should be given as nothing can work without them.

Am I missing something trivial?


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'Export' flag in the module dependencies doesn't mean that the library will be included into web app.
To include the jars in your web app you need to put the library to the corresponding artifact (see 'Artifacts' item in 'Project Structure' dialog).

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