In IntelliJ 9, how can run a ant task after programm run?

There is a "Run Ant target" option under "Before launch" in  IntelliJ's Run/Debug Configurations. I wrote a script to copy a file  before the launch. And on the other side, i want to delete this file  after run. I don't find any option like "Run Ant target After run" in  InteglliJ. Is it possible or is there any plugin for that?


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just add your ant file to the ant tool window (Window | ToolWindows | AntView) - a tree node with the added file and targets beneath it will apper.
Right click on a target and choose "Execute On"-> "Run | Debug" Then choose the desired configuration from the dialog.
As soon as you have added your ant script to the AntView, you may choose the target to run from the RunConfiguration as well.


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