IDEA #3419 Ant build doesn't see property file

I define the property file in text.xml, but I get an error: "Cannot resolve symbol"

Denis Popov

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I'm getting this problem too, with build 3425.

I have a build.xml with many references to properties defined in I load with:


This works fine with Ant (1.6.2 from command-line), and IDEA 4.5 supported it. With build 3425 all the properties are showing red with "Cannot resolve symbol xxx".

John Hurst
Wellington, New Zealand

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I have the same problem.

I have several targets which depend on an an "init" target. In the "init" target, I load a property file "package.txt" which defines locations of packages, e.g. JAVA_DIR.

In IDEA 4.5, the properties defined in "package.txt" are resolved properly wherever they are used in the targets which depend on "init".

But in 3425, the properties are not resolved. I believe this used to work in earlier Irida builds, not sure.. anyway it is a regression from 4.5

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Couldn't find a Jira issue for this so...

Regression from 4.5.x : Ant build.xml doesn't resolve properties set in an included property file.


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