No pleasure editing legacy JSPs

JB, please provide a way to edit JSPs that cannot be safely re-formatted with Irida's
formatting engine. There are various reasons for not doing this, breaking VCS histories is
one of them. Another one is that the formatter will break important structures in JSPs
which renders them almost impossible to understand (IDEABKL-3268).

The result of editing such JSPs is that the caret is positioned at seemingly random places
after pressing ]]>, and whole lines get re-indented to positions the formatter thinks
are the right ones. This makes it a very unpleasant experience, which I have seen people
say about "And that's what the new JSP support is like? Having to manually fix each new
line I'm writing?".

Please make it possible to edit such JSPs with plain text formatting, i.e. to turn the
formatter off unless explicitly invoked.

Anybody else thinks this is a problem?


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