Irida (3431) - Find Usages on Static Method takes 50%+ longer than 4.5.x

I noticed when doing Find Usages on a public static method, that it seemed to be taking longer in Irida (3431), so I did some simple benchmarking between Irida and 4.5.x

I performed Find Usages on this public static method five times with both 4.5.x and Irida. The results were very consistent.

In 4.5.x, it took ~9 seconds to display the results.
In 3431, it took ~15 seconds to display the results.
That is +66% longer than 4.5.x.

Additional Information:
P4 2.8 Ghz / 1GB / WinXP Pro SP2

Started both 4.5.x and Irida. Loaded the same project in both. (The project is the same, but I copied the IDEA project files so they weren't sharing files.)
Opened the class file containing the publid static method. Performed a couple Find Usages as a warmup. Then measured time for the Find Usages 5X. Did this for both 4.5.x and Irida (3431).

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