PHP Autocompletion


I'm evaluating IntelliJ IDEA right now and it looks like a very nice tool. However, I've noticed that there are some problems in its PHP autocompletion/suggestion implementation:

1. In some cases, it won't suggest static methods. Example: symfony 1.4 sfContext::getInstance(), after typing "sfContext::" I get "No suggestions".
2. Some classes are not offered at all. Example: I have PersonQuery and PersonTableMap, after typing "Person" I am only offered "PersonTableMap". However, if I manually type "PersonQuery::", I do get static method suggestions for this class. The IDE can also find and suggest PersonQuery in the "Go to class" dialog.

Up until now I've been using NetBeans and it doesn't have these problems (the same project was tested on both IDEs). I wonder if these are bugs or a misconfiguration on my part.

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