Clearcase Integration and merging to later version

Hi All,

Long time IntelliJ lover here and trying to get the new team to upgrade from eclispe.

However, a few issues are making the change to IDEA impossible:

Firstly (and the real killer) is I can't see a way to do a merge checkin (later version exists on branch after an unreserved checkout). Eclipse simply pops up the clearcase merge window, resolve the issues and all is fine. IDEA just fails (with message: the most recent version on branch is not the predecessor of this version) and I can see no way to do this, though it appears to be such a basic requirement I'm sure it must be there.

Also we use UCM and have a lot or CRs/WPs, and the list of open activities in the changes window is constantly spinning and updating. There also seems to be no way to remove unused ones.

On checkin, it says 'peforming VCS refresh' and just spins, is an option to skip but is annoying.

IDEA excels at (almost) everything else we need it to do, but is a long way behind the eclipse plugins with clearcase it seems?

Thanks for any help (as I really want to use it!) and have another 20 willing converts who are fed up with eclipse as well!



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Hi Chris,

  the listed issues are really the IDEA ClearCase integration problems. Unfortunately, it is not easy to implement the desired features, since the way ClearCase works cannot be mapped directly to the standard workflow IDEA uses for all version control systems.
  You can vote for the existing issues that address the mentioned problems: demands the possibility to automatically merge files on commit. BTW, though no merge dialog appears on attempt to commit some file that is not up-to-date, you can invoke Merge for this file explicitly after commit fails: the file gets corresponding status, and ClearCase/Merge action becomes available for it in the Changes view. The standard ClearCase merge dialog is suggested. issue contains a lot of requests related to the clearcase activities treating. You can add the comments there.


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