Old Structured Language Programmer, New to Java,

I'm too old for this, but I am about to jump head first into Java.  I have spent the last two weeks perusing the web (all things Java), downloading IDEs and working through tutorials in a non-organized fashion.  Eclipse, Netbeans, IntelliJ Idea CE, JDeveloper, and jEdit now share space in my computer.  From the very limited (maybe I just don't know where to look) tutorials that I have found for IntelliJ Idea, I have found that IntelliJ Idea hits the sweet spot.  I believe, possibly based upon my ignorance and lack of Java experience, that IntelliJ Idea will allow me to code faster and give me a higher degree of freedom.  It just feels right for me.  There in lies my dilemma which leads to my question.

In lieu of the apparent dirth of self-help tutorials for an idiot like me (while understanding that IntelliJ Idea is an IDE for experienced Java professionals), should I start my self-training in earnest with Netbeans to take advantage of their apparent abundance of tutorials for an idiot like me, and then return to IntelliJ Idea with more knowledge and experience?  Or, would it be better to dive directly into IntelliJ Idea with a plethora of beginner questions?  Or, possibly, (probably), ((certainly)), there are resources that I am not aware of.

I am asking for any directions, advice, and guidance from anyone who has traveled the path that I am about to attempt.

Thank you,

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Hi Wilson,

You're not obliged to 'be experienced java professional' to start using IJ. All you need is to understand that basic java concepts (how *.java files are turned into executable application) and grab some knowledge on IJ organization (project, modules, dependencies configuration).

I'd suggest you to start with the following page - Setting up a project in IntelliJ IDEA and continue with the web reference.

As for the basic java development - there are good sun oracle tutorials



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