Problem in tracing a very simple code

i'm new in java programming and

specially in IntellijIDEA

i have a simple code , a simple form which is having two buttons

public class frmLogin extends SuperClass implements ActionListener   {
    private JTextField txtUsername;
    private JPasswordField txtPassword;
    private JButton btnLogin;
    private JButton btnSign;
    JFrame frame;


    public frmLogin() {

        frame = new JFrame("Login");



    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
        if (e.getSource() == btnLogin)  {
            RSAHandler rsaHandler = new RSAHandler();  .....

i wanna trace my code but after showing form and clicking on a button , the trace will not continue

the program goes in running mode and its like that i'm not tracing , it runs all instructions without having a pause on breakpoints

i do trace using F7 key , but still i lose trace chain after clicking on a button

where is my mistake?

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so you have plaeced a breakpoint in the actionPeformed method for the button you are going to press, and that breakpoint is never hit?

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oh i got the answer

i should remove the breakpoints which where placed before that actionPerformed()

i don't know why , but by removing all those breakpoints , it stops at  if (e.getSource() == btnLogin)  {



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