JavaDoc breaks formatting in #3425

JavaDoc in fron of methods breaks their code formatting. For example, I have set braces formatting to "Next line if wrapped", yet the following two similarly formatted methods (actually adjacent in the code):

are reformatted differently, like this:

The reason is that the JavaDoc prevents the second method formatting correctly. If you remove all JavaDoc, they format correctly. If you put JavaDoc in front of both, they both format incorrectly!

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Hmm, it's not just JavaDoc, the formmating seems generally broken... With braces set to "Next line if wrapped", the following method:

is reformatted to:

I tried to reformat this code a second time, but it had no further effect, and when I tried to undo the formatting, I discovered that you can't undo 2 consecutive code reformats...

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I have filed covering both formatting issues.

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"Dave Lorde" <> wrote in message
>I have filed covering both
>formatting issues.


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