Editor question & feedback..

Hi all.. I'm a newbie here working in a new environment (Grails) after trying out RoR..

Anyway, I'm amazed at the tons of configurable options for Idea ultimate! The only thing I can't appear to configure (or I didn't find it) is an option to wrap the cursor when it gets to the end of a physical line -- currently if I hit the right arrow beyond the end of the line, it just keeps going and going and going.  All the editors I use in my day job (embedded C++) wrap the cursor up or down as soon as they hit the end of the line where the text stops.. Is this feature configurable?  I don't like the cursor just running and running if I hold the right arrow.  Thx!

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Hi Rick,

Please uncheck 'IDE Settings - Editor - Virtual Space - Allow placement of caret after end of line'

The rationale behind the feature is ability to put caret at 'virtual space' and just start typing - 'virtual indent' is automatically converted to the real one, i.e. white spaces are inserted by the IDE.


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EXCELLENT!  Thanks for the reply!  Now I'm a happy camper!

I wonder if they'll ever release a C/C++ editor??  They'd give
editors like VSE, Eclipse, UltraEdit (and others) a run for their



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