Jira Annoyances

Overall, I like Jira. The serach capability is pretty easy
to use and has lots of features, but there a few rather
annoying bits:

+ As has been mentioned in the past, search is problem
because you often want to search IDEA-Backlog, IDEA-
Development, and IDEA-Feedback which are separate projects.
I will usually just search all projects, but sometimes when
the keywords have meanings to the other software projects
like frabrique, omea, etc., I get lots of unwanted matches.

It would be nice if the Project field would let you select
multiple choices so we could limit the search to just the
IDEA projects. Some of the other fields like Types and
Status let you do that already.

+ One annoying quirk to the search synatx is that it
ignores "and" and only accepts "AND" or "&&". What is the
point of that? Is this to allow people to search for the
word "and"?

For example, if I type

"jsp and imports"

it treats this as "jsp || and || imports"

But if I type

"jsp AND imports"

then it works. Once you know, it's okay, but I think it
should be fixed to help new users.

+ When new builds are announced, it would be nice if we
had a Jira link to the bugs that were fixed in that build.

+ Related to that, I tried to construct a query myself to
see the bugs fixed in a build. I saw that on the Search
Form there is a Custom Field Fixed in Builds - , so
I could enter - to find bugs fixed between
builds 3417 and 3419.

However -- this is the annoying part -- I have configured
my issue navigator to add the "Fixed in build" column to
the search results. The problem is that you cannot sort
on the "Fixed in build" field. I suspect there is a problem
because the column name has spaces? Looks like a Jira bug.

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i noticed the versions/scheduling didn't get updated anymore since june. are we really THAT close to final ?


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