I can't open 4.5 project in RC1 #3417

Hello all,

I've unzipped #3417 to another folder then v4.5
then imported settings from 4.5
and tried to open my project in RC1.
The project can't be opened by RC1, where is just fine in v.4.5

Do I need any how import 4.5 projects in to 5.0?
What I'm missing?


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would you give me any info about how to use project is created in V.4.5 in RC1? Please.
I have several projects that have 5-7 modules each.
Starting from "create project" isn't an option.

Any documents for migrating from 4.5 to 5.0?


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Theoretically, there's no need for project migration since project format
haven't been changed.
Could you please mail me max@jetbrains.com your project files? I mean whole
set of *.ipr, *.iws, *.iml
And BTW, weren't there any exceptions happening? Didn't you notice red stop
icon at the bottom of the frame in the status bar near memory usage indicator?

Maxim Shafirov
"Develop with pleasure!"

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but still, as long as I'm working with Idea 4.5 and 5 concurrently I don't think it's a good idea to work on the same project and module files. And simple project migration tool to 5.0 would be very nice!



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