Tomcat Error: no vitural host "localhost"

When I try to start Tomcat via IDEA, I receive this error message:
"Error running Tomcat: server.xml does not contain virtual host 'localhost'"

Which is true -- I don't have one. Is there a real reason why it still can't be started? I could change the current host name that I use, but I'd like to keep my server.xml as close as to what is in production as possible.

I'm using build 3408 on Linux.



Same problem for me. The error is "server.xml does not contain virtual host 'localhost'." . I want to run Tomcat locally with a specific name that is not localhost  via Intellij. Is it possible to do that? How?


Hello, is there any solution for this issue? In our company a lot of developers can't set up hot deploy for project. 


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