How to make JSPs reload faster

Hi, new user migrating from Netbeans 7 to intelliJ 10.5.

I'm really impressed with the deployment speed of java classes to tomcat in the IDE. I'm less impressed with the speed of resource reloading.

I have a project deployed as exploded war. The update resources action bound to frame deactivation. I make a change to a JSP, then tab to a browser. I now have to wait a good 5 or 6 seconds for the update resource action to complete. I know this is hardly alot but it's 5 or 6 seconds longer than netbeans / eclipse which are almost instantanious.

Is there any way to iron out this little niggle?

Other than that I love the IDE.

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Hi Ollie,

I'm not sure whether the 5-6 seconds is the normal behaviour or not (never used the frame deactivation feature) but you can also manually "package files" (via Context-Menu in Editor or Strg + Shift + F9).

Since this is not the most convenient way, I highly recommend to take a look at the "AutoPackage" plugin that is available in the Plugin repository.
Once installed you have to enable the plugin in the module-settings (there will be a new tab "AutoPackage"). After that, all files you edit will be automatically packaged/deployed in the background.
In my case I have not experienced any delays at all.

Hope this helps,


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