maven jar dependency not replaced by module dependency


IJ used to automatically replace jar dependencies with module dependencies if I added a maven module for tha dependency in the project. Not only that, if I change the dependencies from jar to module dependencies I get all sorts of compilation errors.

Anyone else getting this? This seems to have started with the final 10.5.1 release.

Is there some setting I have to use or change?


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I seem to have found the source of the problem. It has to do with using version ranges in maven.

I get no module replaceement if I use:

I get expected module replacement if I use:

Is this a bug?

In my opinion either IntelliJ should allow me to associate a module to an other in this situation. Either assume that by adding the module I need to access/change the source, or ask me what I prefer. I suspect it is trying to reslove the range and finding the latest build. Which is fine when I don't include that module in my project.



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