Find Usage not working with JSPs?

I feel like I must be missing something obvious, but a lot of the cool Intellij Refactoring features don't seem to be working in JSPs for me.

In specific, my project has a bunch of JSPs that have code in them.  They are in a war.  That war depends on a number of jar that we build as well.  The war and all jars are in the same Maven project.  I have them all in the same Intellij project (gotten by importing the maven project).

I've been doing re-factoring in one of the jars.  I've found a few methods that are greyed out (normally indicating they are not being used).  I comment them out, and then when I do the maven build, I get errors when I try to compile the JSPs, because they were using this method.

After adding the method back, I went into the JSP, and cmd+click-ed the method.  It takes me to the right definition.  I then right-click on the method and do a "Find Usage", and it does not take me back to the JSP.

It has been a while since I've been on a project that had code in the JSPs, but I could have swore this worked in the past.  Am I remembering incorrectly?  Is there something I need to turn on?  Is there something I might have accidentally turned off?

I'm using 9.0.3 #IU-95.429

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Find Usages will miss some references in JSP pages.  From JSPs Java reflection is often used to locate an object in a given context at runtime and Intellij does not statically resolve those references with Find Usages. There is a workaround. If you select the method in your class and choose Search/Find in Path with a file mask of *.jsp you will hit the references. You can't assume Find Usages will pick up all references in JSPs.


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When I turned off searching by exact matches and case sensitivity, search seemed to work a lot better in JSPs.

Although, the Find Usages still eludes me, it is less important with Seach in Path working well.

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This should work.
Make sure that all maven dependencies are imported into IDEA project


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