Problem starting OSGi configuration

Hi all,

I've been starting some OSGi development within Felix (3.2.2) on a Maven project that runs great using pax:run.  

Unfortunately, the same project does not work within IJ.  After groking the UI, I got in and started realizing how the POM had to be set up in order for the IJ OSGi UI to present a bundle for possible inclusion.  So far so good.

Then all the sudden, IJ started complaining about bad zip files (it was trying to use target/classes as a zip file) and after deleting everything and trying again a couple of times, now IJ won't load anything more than Felix itself.  I have tried everything -- rebuilding the project, deleting directories that were created, deleting and recreating the run configuration.  Nothing seems to be getting me back to the point that my bundles are being loaded.  To be sure, the Maven project launched with pax:run continues to work fine.

It doesn't make much sense to me.  It would be nice to see a more robust integration that can read from the Maven bundle plugin configuration and do the right thing, more like the WAR facet does.  But I realize these are new features for IJ and am happy to work with it for now.

What can I do to provide more information?  

Thanks and cheers, Brian


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