More Javadoc formatting option needed

I need to be able to keep some code excerpt verbatim in the Javadoc of
some class/method.

It should look like that:

  • {@code

  • <bean id="commonProperties"


  •      <property name="locations">

  •          <list>

  •              <value></value>

  •          </list>

  •      </property>

  • </bean>

  • }

I can't find a way to keep that piece formatted as it is with IDEA
JavaDoc formatting option enabled.

This is in line with the @formatter:off option required for a generic
way of keeping code unaltered by IDAE's formatter.

I don't think it'd be suitable in this case though.

An option in the line of 'Keep @code and @literal content as is' would
probably be better.


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