Ability to set the color of the cursor in Idea

Hello -

I prefer to set the editor up with a black background, but when I do so it is hard to see the mouse cursor, since it seems to be hardwired to be a thin wireframe I-beam shape with a grey foreground color that doesn't provide much contrast w/respect to the background.

I found some old 2002 posts on the Web on this issue, but I didn't see any solutions posted. I looked through all the color setting options and don't see a way of changing the cursor color.

Is there a way to set the cursor color that I am missing?  If not, should I submit a feature request somewhere?



Whoops - I now see that this is a known issue (68995) that is apparently Mac OSX specific.  I have voted for the issue....
Sorry for the thread duplication - no matches came up originally when I used 'cursor color' in the 'Search the Community' box.....

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