Irida feedback on Inspections / Error Highlighting (as of 3394)

+ IDE Settings - Errors Dialog

- Has anybody actually used Inherit Profile? I would
recommend removing that.

- How about adding 'Rename'?

-When you hit Filter button it doesn't maintain it's state
(like the filter button in Ant Tools window).
To turn it off I have to blank out the text and hit RETURN.

- I like the two new filters 'Show Global Editor Hilighting'
and 'Show Global Inspections', but I think to make this
really clear to the users you need to add little icons next
to each inspection which is only for global editor
hilighting or only for global inspections. Also, in the
Description panel, after the inspections description, you
could include these icons again with a description of what
it means, e.g.

Warning: . This inspection is run
only when a global Analyze->Inspect Code is peformed.

Warning: . This inspection
is displayed only in the Editor pane. It is not available
through Analyze- >Inspect Code.

- Would like to have an additional filter 'Quickfix
Available' which would only show inspections which have a
Quickfix. Or alternatively, you could put a Quickfix icon
next to each inspection name which supports a Quickfix.
Quickfixes are awesome, and you should give them greater

- Need a 'select all' / 'unselect all' checkbox at the top
of the tree.

Alternatively, you could have special All and None profiles
by default. I have done this myself, but the drawback is
that when new inspections are added, they are missing from
my All profile.

"All" profile is good if you are curious and want to run all
inspections. "None" profile is a good as a template for when
you want to run a single inspection like "TODO comments" or "
Unused Imports"; You can copy "None" and then select that
one inspection you want to run.


- You could provide some other examples of profiles like
"TODO" which searches only for TODO comments. I know people
can do this themsleves, but they might not think of using
inspections in this way. An example(s) would help.

- Error highlighting profile handling at module level
and for test vs production classes


Ideally, I would like to specify FileSets similar to Ant

- Wierd Quirk: When you click 'Collapse All' it won't
collapse a branch that has the currently selected item. For
example, if you have Imports folder expanded and Imports->
Unused import selected, if I select "Collapse All", the
Imports folder won't be closed.

-There is some odd behavior when clicking 'Apply'. In some
cases it seems to reset my changes back. Usually, the 2nd
time works. If I can find a repeatable pattern, will file a

+ Analyze->Inspect Code

- Question: Is Inspect Code multithreaded so if we get one of those
dual core workstations, will it speed up Inspections?

+ Inspections Results Window

- I dont't think we should have to confirm when we click the
quickfix icon. Currently after you click the quickfix icon,
a little popup dialog comes up with title "Accept Resolution"
with a single choice like "Apply Fix" or "Simplify". I
recommend to just remove that popup dialog and immediately
apply the fix.

- I would like to have multiple Inspection Results just like
Find Usages and other windows.

Code inspection: View multiple results

- Inspection Results window needs Expand All buttons. We
have a Collapse All by closing the top node in the tree. But
if you open the top node in the tree, it just expands the
first level.
"Add "Expand All" and "Collapse All" to the code inspection pane"

Possibly more useful than Expand All would be to be able to
expand just one branch of the tree.

For example, I'll be looking at
Initiliazation issues
-> 'this' refernce escape in object construction

I would like to right-click on the inspection name and
choose "Expand All".

- After applying a quickfix, IDEA automatically removes the
entry from the Inspection Results tree, and the focus moves
to another item which causes the Editor to jump to that item
if you have AutoScroll to source selected.

This is a pain in the ***, most of the time, esp. on first
use, I am not 100% trusting that the quickfix was correct,
and would like to check what it did.

I would like IDEA to keep the completed items, but mark them
as done. (strikethrough). The Find window has a similar
capability; if you press DELETE the items are marked with

That way, if I do a single quickfix, I can check the change
afterwards because the inspection item will still be in the
tree, so the autoscroll to some other inspection wouldn't
have happened.

If I did multiple quickfixes en masse, I would also want the
inspection items retained with strikethrough. There may be a
problem clicking back on these because they may become
INVALID, but I could manually goto the classes/line numbers
to check.

- As mentioned above, I would like to press DELETE to
remove items from the tree. This could be made a
keybinding so people can set it to whatever they want.

- Also, would be nice to have a keybinding for disabling
inspections in the current profile directly from the tree.
If I select an inspection name in the tree, and invoke this
action, the inspection would be disabled in the current
profile and all the entries in the tree would be removed.

This really helps if you experiment with inspections to
find out which are useful to you and which are not. I
would like to run ALL inspections, and then look at the
results. For the inspections I don't like, I could invoke
this action. Currently, I have to
select Edit Tool Settings and then uncheck Enabled checkbox.
But then, there is no way to remove the inspection from the

- Also would be good to have a keybinding for automatically
adding the suppress annotation for an inspection result.
Currently, what I have to do is to use the ALT+ENTER
intention to suppress the annotation. But in many cases,
my EditoHilightingProfile is different from the profile I
ran the inspection on, so there may not be any intention
accessible. As of 3394, I can click on Hector, and change
the current file's profile to match my Inspect Code profile.
But a keybinding would be easier.

- Cosmetics Issue: In the right-click popup menu on an item
I see names "Apply Fix" and "Edit Tool Settings" but the
tooltip for the corresponding toolbar icons say "Apply a
quickfix (ALT+ENTER)" and "Edit Settings". Also when the
tooltip is display for quickfix icon, the status bar says "
Apply an inspection quickfix".

+ Edit Tool Settings Dialog

When you invoke intention to edit the settings of an
inspection, I have some issues with the dialog that pops up.

1) It doesn't provide the full context of the inspection.
For example, for "Collection without initial capacity
settings" inspection , it should show :

Performance Issues->
Collection without initial capacity settings

2) The active profile that will be edited is not displayed, e.g.

Profile: EditorHilightingSettings

3) There should be a button to launch the full inspection
settings dialog.

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Alex>- After applying a quickfix, IDEA automatically removes the
Alex> entry from the Inspection Results tree, and the focus moves
Alex> to another item which causes the Editor to jump to that item
Alex> if you have AutoScroll to source selected.

Alex> This is a pain in the ***, most of the time, esp. on first
Alex> use, I am not 100% trusting that the quickfix was correct,
Alex> and would like to check what it did.

I thought about this some more and here is what would be ideal:

+ Have an toolbar toggle button 'Auto-Remove Resolved Items'.
If the button is enabled, then IDEA works as it does now,
i.e. it removes the inspection items after they have been
quickfixed. If the button is disabled, then IDEA would
leave the inspection items, but add a strikethrough

+ Add keybindings and context menu entries for 'Disable Inspection',
'Remove From Display', 'Suppress at Line', 'Suppress For Method',
'Suppress For Class'

Disable Inspection - disables the inspection in the current profile
and removes the results from display.

Remove From Display - removes from display only.

Suppress At Line - adds supression annotation for the line, and
if 'Auto-Remove Resolved Items' is selected, it will also remove the
items from display, otherwise strikethrough decoration is applied to
the inspection result items.

Suppress For Method - similar to above except for method

Suppress For Class - similar to above except for class

The above enhancements would make it much easier to wade through
the inspection results.

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I filed some Jira Requests for the items which didn't already have Jira entries:

IDE Settings - Errors - Additional explanation for 'Show Global Error Hilighting' and 'Show Global Inspections'
IDE Settings - Errors - Quickfix Available filter and/or Quickfix icon decoration next to inspection name and/or Quickfix note in description.
IDE Settings - Errors - Need a 'select all' at the top of the tree
IDE Settings - Errrors - When you click 'Collapse All' it won't collapse a branch that has the currently selected item.
Inspection Results - Improved workflow when applying quickfixes
Inspection Results - Add keybindings and context menu entries for 'Disable Inspection', 'Suppress at Line', 'Suppress For Method', 'Suppress For Class'
Inspection Results - naming inconsistencies in toolbar icon tooltips / popup menu text / status bar text
Inspection Results - Remove confirmation popup when clicking quickfix toolbar icon

Also, I saw that 2852 was partially fixed as of 3408.
Separate settings dialog for each inspection unneeded

In the Inspection Results window,
if I select an inspection and click on "Edit Settings" toolbar icon, then the
full "IDE Settings - Errors" dialog pops up.

But if I right-click on an inspection name and click the "Edit Tool Settings"
menu item in the context menu, then the separate inspection dialog for just that inspection comes up.

Jetbrains, please fix the context menu to also popup the full "IDE Settings - Errors" dialog


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