A bug? - diff views for .properties files with transparent native-to-ascii conversion are errorneous


I'm experiencing an annoying issue - a diff for a .properties with transparent native to ascii conversion wrongly mark the transparent conversion as a difference.

Whenever I make one tiny change tu such a file, all native-to-ascii conversions get marked as differences. This renders diff for this files useless, which is a major drawback for me.

Below is a screenshot of a diff for a file with only one line actually changed:


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Yes, it's a known issue, e.g.: http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/IDEA-24267


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Hm, I can see it has been logged 22 months ago.

Does it mean it one of those 'never get fixed' bugs?

This is actually a big problem for me. Can you puh-leeeze fix this one guys??

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Hello Tomasz,

I can not reproduce it on 10.5.
Could you please check for 10.5 or provide some file + patch example?

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Thank you for your answer.

I am attaching a file diff-bug-reproduce.properties.

I am sorry but I'm cannot attach the properties file: so just please create it an put a line: "message=zażółć gęślą jaźń" in it, and you should be able to reproduce the bug shown on screenshot

In it is a message with latin 2 characters.

To reproduce the bug you have to:
1) Commit the file to an svn repo
2) then change it by adding a new line (but not changing the original line)
3) View a diff which shows incorrect behaviour - the unchanged line is shown as changed.

My os is Windows 7

I am also attaching a screnshot with errorneous diff of the attached file


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