properties editor leaves garbage


I'm trying to use new properties editor with transparent native-to-ascii conversion, and sometimes, when reopening a file I find a strange garbage there. Usually it looks like this: some unicode sequences like \u1234 change to \u1\u1234, i.e. \u and first 1 or 2 digits get duplicated. This happens randomly, I've spent over an hour trying to find out exact steps without any success. Usually it happens when editing the same file in IDEA and external editor at the same, something like this:
open file in external editor
edit it in IDEA
edit it in external editor
save and close in the external editor
save and close in IDEA
reopen project, sync, search for "\u"

I was working with cyrillic and chinese files, glitches happened in both of them. Happens in the all recent builds, including 3405. Any advices?

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