Classes in flash package not available in Flash/Flex project


I have a problem with a Flash/Flex project in IntelliJ. I have created both Flex (4.5) and Adobe Air SDKs pointing to an apropriate directory (about 20 swc files are shown in classpath settings). But I have problem that IDEA says on imports of flash.* the package does not exist. Even classes such as String, Boolean are not known. When rurring the sample application (generated on a new project creatin) it compiles and runs OK. However I get a lot of errors highlighted in the editor and no advanced code completition features.

Does anybody have the same problem or knows the solution? Thanks.


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Hello Vaclav,

Please ensure your SDK is specified in module settings as Module SDK (File | Project structure | Modules | your module | Dependencies tab). If it's OK, please try to invalidate caches (File | Invalidate Caches).


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It seems you have the same problem as me (see the issue I reported : I assume you're running Windows 7, right ?

I tried different things :
- invalidating the cache
- swithcing to open source version of flex sdk
- running as Administrator

but i still get the same indexing error in the log files. If you found a workaround, please tell me.



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