Some modules get recreated on startup


I have a project with a number of maven-based modules in it. All have add some extra directories (using Single Entry Module Library) added manually. When I start IntelliJ some of the modules lose these dependencies, others don't. It is consistenely the same modules, but I can't see any obvious reason whey this might be. For those that do lose the dependencies, I've noticed the iml file gets deleted and recreated during IntelliJ startup. Any idea what's happening and how I can stop the dependencies getting lost?


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what are those dependencies? Maven Integration will keep manually added dependencies only if they are not maven-generated library or maven-imported module. That is if you manually add a module that was imported from maven to another module that was also imported from maven, this dependency will be removed after reimport if there is no such <dependency> enty exists in your pom.xml file.


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