jvisualvm profiler integration

I would like to integrate jvisualvm to Intellij Idea. Unfortunately the visualvm4idea plugin is not maintained any more and does not seem to work in 10.x. So I am curious if you have other recommendations or guidelines of integrating jvisualvm. If all this does not help which profiler are you using currently.


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Hello Thomas,

I would say we don't have any specific guidelines for jvisualvm or any other particular plugin. In gereral, one needs to get familiar with IDEA API, please check http://confluence.jetbrains.net/display/IDEADEV/PluginDevelopment as one of the starting points. One can download all the platform source code and ask further questions at the forums.

Which profiler are you using currently.

We use YourKit [commercial software] which has quite nice integration with IntelliJ IDEA.


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If in need for a profiler I use JProfiler.
It is the best Java profiling tool I know.


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