10.5 - receiving 404 errors trying to view subversion diff

For some files within the project, trying to view the differences from their commit history results in an HTTP 404 error code response.
Using this function for the same files works correctly within version 10.0.3 (for those who have not yet upgraded), but fails for everyone who has made the jump to 10.5.  Command line 'svn diff r1:r2 file' works correctly for these troublesome files, as well.

This is NOT occurring with ALL the files though, only a subset, which I have not yet been able to identify a pattern for.

The process that causes this to occur:  While in a source file, activate the Show History command.  Select 2 entries from the VCS history window, and press Ctrl-D (or right-click, Compare).  The error message is:

Cannot show differences:  svn: '</lightspeed/!svn/bc/3/evo/trunk/...' path not found:  404 Not Found (http://subversion.server.ip)

My trunk is actually '/lightspeed/evo/trunk', so I'm imagining that the injected '!svn/bc/3/' must be throwing off the URL to the data that it should be retrieving.

Am I looking at a configuration problem, or is this an issue that needs to be entered into YouTRACK?  It consistently fails for all members of our team using 10.5.

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Is anyone else seeing this error?  Anyone have ideas about where the extraneous '!svn/bc/3/' in the URL is coming from?
Is there a way to enable any VCS debugging that might show me the URL it's using in cases where it works, so that I could compare it to the one that isn't working?

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I see the same error on a file that moved from one directory to another.  I can view diffs between pairs of recent revisions, but I can't view diffs if one (or both) of the revisions is from before the move.

Works fine for this file in 10.0.3, and fails consistently in 10.5.

If, however, I'm looking at the file's history, right-click an earlier revision, and select "show all affected files", then I can diff any file in the resulting list.  So the problem seems to be specific to the History view.

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Actually, the problem I saw came with renaming a directory, not just moving a file.  See this issue: http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/IDEA-71300


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