How do you deploy an Android app to an actual phone

I cant see how to do it, I have my phone connected to the computer via usb but I still cant see any option to do it.

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- Create a run configuration for your android application
- when you run the application, it will automatically install to the device (assuming the device is recognized).
- alternatively, in the run configuration, select 'Choose target device manually', this will bring up the Android SDK tool where you can select the device/emulator.

to verify the device:
- plug in usb cable to device
- run adb shell logcat, you should see the device log.  if not, you probably need a device driver for the device.

if none of this works, run adb install -r <file.apk> with the device plugged in, it should install - if that works, there is something wrong with your IJ android setup.

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So I connected the phone and enabled USB Storage, the phone is shown as drive F: on my Windows 7 machine.
Went to platform-tools and typed 'adb shell logcat' and it says 'device not found', so from what you say Im missing a device driver but Windows can seen the phone so whats missing ?

BTW Choose target device manually brought up a window ( sure it didnt do this before) but no device listed.

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i never saw that behavior, but i don't have windows 7. the only thing i can suggest at this point is to start the android sdk manager, plug in your device and see if it is recognized by the sdk manager. if not, i am guessing that you need some device driver.

with my xoom, i saw the opposite behavior, windows (xp) didn't recognize the device as a hard drive, but the android sdk and IJ are able to see it.


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