How do I get more control of the artifacts created from pom files?

We have a large project that uses Maven. I don't use

mvn idea:idea
, I just open the maven project in IntelliJ and the majority of the work is done in terms of setting up the artifacts.

Some of the artifact settings I need to do manually as the artifact  set up in IntelliJ is not identical to the one created when I run
mvn clean install
from the command line. Every time there is a change to the pom file I  need to reapply these manual settings. (It's settings for an EJB and and  EAR artifact if that changes things.)

Is there any way of getting IntelliJ to do these steps for me  automatically? Or is there an article that I can read about how IntelliJ  generates it's artifact settings from the pom files?

Thanks in advance,

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