Debug causes application to freeze


I've been working for a long while with IntelliJ already and I just love it...

My java product is using JDK 1.6 and Intellij version is 9.0.4

my product build is done via ant which I invoke from within IntelliJ (the ant tasks)

and then I run a local debugger by calling the main method...

recently I've added two more modules to my application which are 3rd party jars (together with sources), the jars are being deployed in the ANT tasks together with the rest of my code and it works just fine. However, when I debug the application is starts getting jammed/stuck in many places and the only workaround is to stop the application and put a break point after these points or in a different nearby place...

I still haven't found out the logics behind the places where it gets stuck, sometimes it's on the new 3rd party jars and in other times its in proper JDK code, in any case these are no defects in the code itself because it runs just fine if I don't stop the run with breakpoints and start going over the lines with F8/F7...

these intermittent application freezes make me crazy.... the application itself is saying that it's running but in practice everything is just in a halt and when taking a thread dump my thread just stops on a function (each time it's a different function) without moving if it's lost context switch and never gets it back...

any idea (IDEA) what I'm having here ?

help is very much appreciated.


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i am using latest version and debgging can still be very slow. it depends on a number of factors, but raising your machine specs could only help as well as having a 64bit environment. for instance having idea system files on a ssd makes this thing like 100 times faster. right now, one of my idea processes shows 502 opened files on a fedora machine.

otherwise, watch for unwanted breakpoints such as exception breakpoints left over from a previous session, removing them can speed up a bit the debugging process.

good luck


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