Code Style copy still not working


CodeStyle profile copy from Global to per project still doesn't take
all settings into account:

CodeGeneration->Final Modifier section is not copied.


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Please submit corresponding ticket to the tracker.

Regards, Denis

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I'm sorry, I don't think I will this time:

- this kind of problem has been around for years now - for both
Inspection and CodeStyle profile
- it's one of IDEA's old feature, people have bet and invest on it - I
did - and it's clearly a leftover
- IDEA is not an OpenSource product, we pay for it.

I expect at least the old feature to work PERFECTLY.

I'm tired of filling bugs for stuff that should work flawlessly and
should be tested in your CI system.

It's nice to add new feature all the time, but some time you have to
take a bit of time to solidify your core system.

As an old IDEA Java only user, I feel leftover.
I bump into problem every single day.
These are small problems, right, so bugs don't seem to ever get fixed.

But as a daily heavy user, I just suffer.
I know most workarounds, but it is time consuming.

For the problem that matter today:

- there need to be a way to share a company profile among a team of
users, and for all company's projects.
- today, copying from localy shared Global to project only but team
shared profile is just a hell. And that's what you need to do fi you
wnat to keep consistency accross all project in a company.

It has become my daily work and I hate it.

Same for the project .idea/.iml sharing, it's never been stable.
Dependency reordered is the main problem imho.

my 2c rant

On 2011-06-09 22:17:09 +0800, Denis  Zhdanov <> said:

Please submit corresponding ticket to the tracker.

Regards, Denis

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Sorry for that. I agree that that can be very very annoying.

Checked for the corresponding ticket - there really is the one - IDEA-54567. It will be fixed for the IntelliJ IDEA XI. Please be sure to check XI EAP builds when they will be available or build Community Edition from source when the ticket is done in order to see if everything is ok. I.e. the main idea is to have XI without that problem.



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