floating window gone missing


I am a complete novice with this product, so hopefully there's an easy answer to this one:

Windows 7, IDEA 10.5.

I have three 24" monitors that were in landscape mode when I last ran IDEA.  I had the RUN window floating on my non-main monitor.

I shut down the computer, restarted, then switched the monitors to be portrait.

When I run IDEA, the RUN window is AWOL (not visible at all) when it is floating.  When I uncheck 'floating' it is visible in the main window.

It seems as though the window is outside the borders of the aggregate display area but I can't see any way to get these windows to move or resize or ?? via the keyboard, so I can't call it back from the ether.

Is there perhaps a parameter file that can be tweaked / reset?

Thanks for any help.


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